THE FREE MONTSERRAT UNITED MOVEMENT, has been actively campaigning for the removal of "British colonial" shackles from Montserrat since 1990. The information presented here, represents the documented sector of our activities. This web site, has been created for all Montserratians, and all anti-colonial activists who would like to link with us, and assist us in our ongoing struggle to throw off the last vestiges of a dead system and bring Montserrat, and the remaining colonies, on par with the rest of the human family. Please feel free to contact us, and bind your alliance and support with us in delivering the final death blow to colonialism. We need both the support, and the media exposure to bring our plight into the international arena. To all Montserratians who visit this site, I exhort you to pay close attention to the sequence of events recorded here, and recognise, that our predictions continue to become mmore and more real with every passing day.

This web site is created and maintained by Mwongozi cudjoe cheddy browne, representative and active member of the FMUM Group.

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