I have spent most of my energy as an adult, addressing the Social, Cultural, Political and Historical issues of Montserrat, as it pertains to the majority of the People who occupy the Island. The People of Montserrat were taken from the West Coast of Afrika, forcefully and against their will. This is the reality of the vast majority of the People of Afrikan descent that are still living in the Western hemisphere. Suffice it to say, whether it is a part of our reality or not-:


No foreign national hyphens.

If anyone wishes to to discuss Montserrat with me as it pertains to the Past, Present or Future you can contact me Cheddy Browne. I will be more than happy to discuss any topic with you as time permits. If anyone wishes to discuss Montserrat and it greater context the Afrikan diaspora, the Afrikan Continent and the Pan-Afrikan concept, as a solution to the problems that Afrikan People face in the present global system, feel free to contact me.
cheddy browne

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This is the continent of Afrika. It has approx. 12 million sq.miles of land.

This is the island of Montserrat. Approx. 39 sq. miles before volcanic activity began in 1995. Now with approx. 14 sq. mls of habitable land.

The island of Montserrat, is located in this island chain in the Caribbean Sea.

The island of Montserrat, is located here, in relationship to the rest of the World.

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