It should be noted that the NPLM Government did not accept in its entirety The Constitutional Report of 2003.

When the Report was presented it was argued and accepted in the House that the Report could be improved upon.

The NPLM Government accepted and agreed with this position.

As such, it was proposed, voted on and passed in Council that a Select Committee on Constitutional Reform be created.

Ruben T. Meade, and Chedmond Browne were nominated in the House to serve on that Select Committee.

Both nominated Members to the Select Committee sat on the Opposition side of the House.

The Instructions given to them by Government was to bring on a regular and timely basis, suggestions and recomendations on Constitutional matters to be debated in the House.

Ruben T Meade served as the Chairman of the Select Committee for a brief period.Citing other responsibilities that kept him busy he eventually resigned. Chedmond Browne then accepted the request from the Speaker of the House to Chair the Select Committee on Constitutional Reform.

Below is the Last Report submitted to the House on areas that needed to be addressed with the FCO Team before a final document could be produced.