Monday, August 18, 2008

The Hon. Marcus Garvey


The Honourable Marcus Garvey is an Enlightened Being, that no Person of Afrikan Descent, no matter where they live in the World, should ever forget.

Yesterday was his Birthday. He may have left this Physical plane, but he still exists in and around US.

We who feel his SPIRIT owe it to those who still exist below the level of Conscious Awareness to keep the LIGHT of His SPIRIT always burning brightly.

The Philosophies And Opinions of Marcus Garvey should have been, should be, and must become the Philosophical Foundation that allows the peoples of Afrika to rediscover themselves and establish for themselves, a Society and a SYSTEM of CIVILITY and Governance that REFLECTS THEMSELVES.

Below are a few quotes from a Speech given to the People of Montserrat in Montserrat by the Hon. Marcus Garvey.

================== "When you refuse to learn, then those who learn must lead you. God has given every man a mind, and whether he is black or white, he can use that mind.".... "Therefore, anybody who is thinking in the particular is bound to have the advantage over the man who is not thinking."...

" If you don't know values, if you can't calculate values, whether scientific or otherwise, then it's just your bad luck."..

"I regard you as just part of a great number of people who need help, proper leadership and proper guidance toward a destiny that is worthy of men...."

"So, my friends, man's duty is to get intelligence. Get intelligence consistent with the society in which you live so that you may be a credit to the civilization to which you form a part, and may my words help you to rediscover yourselves."..

The entire Speech can be found here-:MARCUS SPEAKS TO THE PEOPLE OF MONTSERRAT

 Then, as Now... "The Battlefield For The Continued Oppression Of The Many By The Few Is Your Mind." Mwongozi Cudjoe Browne ====

 Struggle is born where ever injustice, opression and powerlessness exists.Organised Movements empower the powerless to overcome those who profit from their oppression.

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