Agitate until we create a stable society that benefits all our people.
                           Instigate the nation until we remedy the injustices of society.
                                Motivate our people to set a meaningful path for coming generations.
                                    Educate our people to free our minds and develop our consciousness.

VOL. 5  NO. 1                          Monthly Newsletter of KiMit                               MAY 2002

The Official Publication of the CARIBBEAN PAN-AFRICAN MOVEMENT
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Expressions of Montserrat's Hopes & Aspirations?


We wish our readers a happy Africa Liberation Day and invite you to join us as we examine some significant events in Montserrat's recent history in this month's newsletter.
Viewed cohesively, one sees that the British government and its on-island representatives, the Governor and DFID officials have increased control over Montserrat by making or guiding policy. This has been particularly evident since the volcano erupted in 1995 and destroyed more than 90% of the country's assets.
We also gain insight into Britain's policies towards Montserrat by examining the results from the implementation of its policies:

  • Depopulation
  • Lasting state of temporary: housing, airport, seaport, government headquarters
  • Haphazard development
  • Increased dependency
  • Impotent elected government.
  • Landless, nationless people
  • Increased burdens on the People without any apparent future benefits.
Although challenging, the problems Montserrat face are surmountable, especially by a People renowned for their resilience.  The on-going Review of Montserrat's Constitution represents one such challenge to be overcome. And, its critical importance to the future existence and development of our homeland cannot be overstated.

For the first time in the colony's history, the People of Montserrat have been given the opportunity to express our collective hopes and aspirations, to fashion our future, to set out the people's fundamental rights and duties and to determine how we wish to be governed.
It will not be an easy task and will require all Montserratians to take the time and make the effort to contribute to the continued survival and development of our Montserrat Community.

Crown Title (Amendment) Act, 2000

The Crown Title (Amendment) Act, 2000 was passed by the David Brandt administration in February 2000 about one year before his government collapsed  In a nutshell, it says that all lands that remain unclaimed by the end of the year 2000 would become property of the crown.
Who is the Crown?  Who controls and dispenses Crown Lands?  The Crown is the UK government, popularly called Her majesty's government.  The person who has the authority to dispose of Crown lands is the governor, who represents, not the people of Montserrat, but the British government.
So the Government of Montserrat passed a law that placed control of all unclaimed lands in Montserrat into the hands of
whom? A foreign representative.  Who has more what? More constitutional authority to govern the island than those elected to govern.

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