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VOL. 5 NO. 3    $1.00    Monthly Newsletter of KiMiT     APRIL, 2009


Published by Chedmond Browne, P.O. Box 197, Plymouth, Montserrat





The history of interaction between the Oppressor and the Oppressed, is full of incidents


where an individual or individuals from the oppressed group rises up through the ranks


of the Oppressor and plays an illusory role in their hierarchy.


On every institutional level, individuals have crossed over and served as willing agents


for the ruling class.


In many of these cases, where the ruling class was oppressing its own kind the individual


had the ability to assimilate.


In instances where assimilation was not a possibility, the individual would have been -:


a product of miscegenation.


not a product of miscegenation but adopted and reared by members of the ruling class.


Exposed from early childhood to institutional conditioning.


Attended institutions of higher learning where the early childhood conditioning prepared them to become steeped in the beliefs of the oppressor.


Inculcated in the institutions of Higher learning gaining the highest theoretical degrees available. PhD's & MBA's.


Exposed to a lifetime of conditioning and separated from the true reality of the condition of their roots.


These individuals, once they enter the system will stay there for a lifetime. If they prove worthy, they will progress through the ranks of the institution they entered and carry out whatever instructions they receive from the owners of the power structure.


Collin Powell, Lifetime in Military Service, Condeleza Rice, Lifetime in Higher Education Institution. Clarence Thomas, Lifetime in the Justice System.


Just to name a few of the more prominent names that have played or are currently playing this role.


Especially note worth in this phenomena, is the choice made by most of the individuals who cannot assimilate, but choose to maintain and sustain the power structure.

Separated from the true reality of who they are they turn easily towards the ruling class and what the association and service offers.


Upward mobility in the power structure, for whatever material or other intrinsic reward that comes from the service.


Complete negation of self. Continued genetic annihilation.


Having made the choice and entry into the power structure the individual and their descendants continue the path of self negation until they acquire the genetic identity of the oppressor.


(given a choice halflings who cannot assimilate gyrate towards the power structure. They identify with owner/controllers of the system. They enter the system and move towards its center seeking the genetic identity that allows for assimilation).


The Obama Phenom then is nothing new in the history of interaction between the Oppressor and the Oppressed.


What is of interest, is the initial identity given to him by the oppressed who should have been fully aware that he was not one of them, and that he had little or no identity with them.


The masses that identified themselves as oppressed choose to champion him.


Being the clever one, with guidance from his handlers, he was able to capitalize on this easily.


Waxing or Waning, Moving, growing and expanding, or shrinking and collapsing, Power Structures have owners and controllers.


Having existed for years and even centuries, the owners rule and control from within.


The visible heads of institutions act as figureheads. Their task, is to absorb the negative aspects that the institution produces as the masses are oppressed and exploited.


The leadership within have monopoly control on all the institutions and on the making and implementing of policy.


Whatever needs to be done at the visible end of the structure, to insure the fabric of the structure is not ruptured is implemented.


Behind the visible figureheads the owners set the agenda and the timetable to insure that their way of life, continues.


The most visible figurehead in the Power Structure, is its elected leader. On most occasions, no manipulation is necessary as the ruling class divides itself into two camps and competes within itself for leadership roles.


However, when it becomes necessary the owners will not hesitate to put the personality they want in place through its media propaganda and its legal loopholes.


Negation of personality and character is one of their most applied tools. This allows for a simple deduction and gives the implied impression that the other choice is better.


The personality that is the most visible in the Power Structure, has no choice.

He/She must do everything possible to insure the structures continuity.

This means, following the AGENDA explicitly as directed.


The Obamah Phenom then is nothing new. A convenient necessity of the times.

His high level of visibility offers the System owners the necessary distraction they need to continue the implementation of their plans.

Barak Obamah has little choice, but to do as he is told.


While you slept, the flim-flam man stole your resources.

While you prayed the flim-flam man stole your Spirit.

 The flim-flam man is now in the process of stealing your mind.

If you are caught up in his illusions the flim-flam man will get you.

Mwongozi cudjoe cheddy browne